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Enhance Your Worship Experience with Stunning Church Stage Design

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When it comes to choosing a new stage for your church, it can be challenging to find a design that ticks all the boxes. Not only does your church stage need to be a good fit for the space and be the right size for your needs, but it must also be visually appealing and fit with the surrounding aesthetics. 

The good news is that our high-quality, Australian-made church stages can be fully customised to suit your place of worship, allowing you complete flexibility to design a stage that transforms your worship space. In this article we share inspiring ideas in church stage design, to help you visualise and create the ideal stage to elevate your space.

Custom stages to elevate your worship services

Whether your church is small or large, rural or urban, and housed within a traditional or modern building, a custom stage allows you to perfectly match your new stage to the existing environment. With the flexibility to specify the placement, size, shape, height, colour, finishes and configuration, the stage options available are endless. Our team have extensive experience designing church stages across Australia and can offer expert advice to help you create the perfect stage that is a worthy centrepiece.

Inspire reverence with innovative finishes

In addition to getting the structural elements right, choosing finishes that enhance the aesthetics and ensure safety and compliance are essential. Things to consider include:

a) Will you opt for a timber or carpet podium surface?
b) What colour timber or carpet best matches the interior?
c) Does the podium require safety features such as an anti-slip surface or
d) Do you require stairs for access and/or accessibility-friendly access ramps?
e) Will the stage require height adjustable or permanent legs?
f) If space allows, will you include choir risers?

Visually captivating church stages

Creating an atmosphere of connection and an environment that inspires is an important element of interior church design, and there are a range of stage options that will allow you to do this. From creative backdrops to vibrant lighting, there are endless possibilities. However, in some cases, simplicity is best, as demonstrated in our Salvation Army Church project. In this case, the building is crisp and modern, so a clean, contemporary stage was the perfect fit. The 18m x 8m stage was 600mm high and featured tiered front stage access steps, a wheelchair access ramp, custom Godfrey Hirst carpet deck finish, carpet infill fascia and a custom modular handrail package, and the end result was sublime.

Unleash the power of song with choir risers

If you’re looking for something to really take your church stage to the next level, if space allows, a choir riser can be a wonderful addition that allows your choir to truly shine. Available in both a versatile portable solution (the Melba Fold & Roll system) or a more permanent set-up (the Pilot Modular Tiered system), there is a choir riser to suit every need. The Melba Fold & Roll is a fantastic choice if you need a choir riser that can be set up in minutes – as the name suggests, it can be rolled out and assembled quickly and easily. The Pilot Modular Tiered system on the other hand takes longer to set up, however, it does offer more flexibility in how it is configured and it can also be packed down and stored on our ingenious trolley kit, so it takes up very little space.

Talk to us about your church stage design requirements

Whether your church is looking for a simple portable stage or a large and elaborate set-up, our team is ready to help. We’d love to work with you to bring your vision to life – so if you’re keen to learn more contact our team for friendly and expert advice today.

Posted by:
Select Staging Concepts


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