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Portable Staging Solutions

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Utilise our years of experience creating superior design solutions to any project. We will transform that design into a choir riser or tiered seating that will perform for many years.

Elevate Your Event with Our Portable Staging Solutions

For events that demand adaptability and excellence, Select Staging Concepts is your go-to choice. Discover how our portable staging solutions can transform your next event into an unforgettable experience:

  • Portable Stages — Experience the epitome of flexibility and convenience with our portable stages. Perfect for school assemblies, corporate events or community performances, these lightweight yet sturdy stages adapt seamlessly to your space.
  • Choir Risers — Elevate the voices that grace your events with our precision-crafted choir risers. These platforms offer stability and comfort for choirs of all sizes, whether it’s a school choir, church ensemble or professional vocal group.
  • Tiered Theatre Seating — Create a theatrical experience like no other with our tiered theatre seating. Ideal for auditoriums, theatres and lecture halls, our seating solutions ensure unobstructed views for your audience. The design guarantees comfort during long performances or lectures.

Why Choose Select Staging Concepts for Your Next Event

At Select Staging Concepts, we’re more than just a staging company. We’re artisans with a rich history in furniture building, and our expertise shines through in every stage we create.

As a trusted family-owned Australian company, we’ve been delivering superior staging systems to businesses, schools, churches and organisations across the nation for over 15 years.

  • Tailored Customisation — No matter the purpose, we craft staging systems that perfectly suit your requirements. Whether you need a permanent stage for a grand hall or a portable stage for a classroom, we’ve got you covered.
  • Superior Customer Service — We understand that the world of staging can be confusing. That’s why our clients rave about our exceptional customer service. We guide you through the entire process, ensuring that you receive a top-quality end product.
  • Affiliation with Maxiply — For premium quality and finish, we proudly incorporate Maxiply’s plywood solutions into our staging designs. This collaboration allows us to offer you the very best in staging technology.

Ready to elevate your events and performances to the next level with portable staging solutions? Contact us today to discuss your requirements — together, we’ll make your vision a reality.



What are portable staging solutions?

Portable staging solutions encompass versatile and adaptable staging systems designed for effortless assembly, disassembly and relocation as required. Available in a range of sizes, configurations and materials, they are perfectly suited for venues seeking flexibility and mobility, catering to diverse needs.

How do you ensure the quality of your portable staging solutions?

At Select Staging Concepts, we maintain the excellence of our portable staging solutions through the following measures:

  • Australian-Made Excellence — All our staging solutions are proudly manufactured in Australia, surpassing national standards for quality and safety.
  • Materials Expertise — Our team meticulously selects durable materials to ensure our portable stages can withstand frequent assembly and disassembly.
  • Stringent Quality Control — Our manufacturing process includes rigorous quality checks to guarantee that each portable stage leaving our workshop meets the highest craftsmanship standards.

How long does it take to assemble and disassemble these portable stages?

The assembly and disassembly time for portable stages can vary depending on factors like the stage size, configuration and the experience of the assembly team.

However, one of the advantages of our portable staging solutions is their efficiency. In many cases, a team of skilled professionals like ours can set up a portable stage in a matter of hours, ensuring that your event can start promptly.

Are these portable stages durable enough for long-term use?

Yes, Select Staging Concepts’ portable stages are designed with durability in mind. Crafted to withstand frequent assembly and disassembly, our portable staging solutions are expertly tailored for extended use.

Moreover, our steadfast dedication to utilising premium materials and unwavering adherence to Australian manufacturing standards ensure the stages’ sturdiness and resilience. This translates into a reliable and enduring stage setup, ready to elevate a multitude of events and venues.

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