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Choir Risers

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Utilise Select Staging Concepts' years of experience manufacturing choir risers designed to endure for years. Elevate your performances effortlessly with our Melba and Pilot choir risers, propelling your shows to unprecedented levels of excellence.


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Choir Risers

Choir risers are a simple and ingenious solution to elevate your next performance or event. Our solutions are so simple and easy to use that one person can easily set them up.

We take pride in collaborating with clients to tailor our Australian-made custom choir risers to your specific design requirements. Select Staging Concepts offers two distinct choir riser systems, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Melba Fold & Roll

Our Fold & Roll choir risers accommodate up to 24 people per unit and include safety handrails. Designed for ease of assembly, a single person can set them up, and multiple units can be seamlessly connected for larger performances. Ideal for schools, these choral risers can be effortlessly set up and taken down for each performance.


Our Pilot Choir Riser system is modular, allowing you to begin with a single podium for 4-5 choir members and expand to accommodate even the largest choirs of 200+ people with multiple rows and levels. Its compact design makes it ideal for storage convenience.

Drawing upon Select Staging Concepts’ decades of expertise, we deliver more than just stages – we create transformative experiences. Our Australian-made choir risers seamlessly marry simplicity with innovation, ensuring your performers effortlessly claim the spotlight.

See how quickly our choir risers can be setup

Curved or straight choir risers are available. Options also include customisable configurations to suit the unique layout of your venue.

Our team at Select Staging Concepts is dedicated to tailoring solutions that go beyond expectations. Embrace the freedom to choose the perfect design that harmonises with your event space, ensuring every performance is a masterpiece.

Choose Select Staging Concepts choir risers

Elevate your performance with a stage that not only enhances your sound but transforms your choir’s performance into an unforgettable experience. Choose Select Staging Concepts’ choral risers, where innovation meets excellence and every aspect is finely tuned for perfection.

Our choir risers transcend mere platforms with their unparalleled quality and adaptability. Crafted for longevity, they assure durability that withstands the test of time. Recognizing the significance of leaving a lasting impact, our products embody a commitment to excellence.

What distinguishes Select Staging Concepts is not only the excellence of our products but also our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional service. Our team collaborates with you to understand your unique requirements and deliver solutions that exceed expectations. We infuse every design with simplicity and innovation, ensuring the seamless integration of our choral risers into any occasion, whether it be school concerts or grand ceremonies.

In addition to our outstanding products, our superior customer service serves as a guiding light throughout your journey. From conceptualizing designs to installation, we navigate you through the entire process, making it smooth and hassle-free. Our objective is not just to meet your expectations but to surpass them, leaving you with a stage, choir riser or tiered seating arrangement that exudes excellence.

Ascend to new heights with our choir risers

Experience the impeccable choir risers of Select Staging Concepts, and reach out to us to upgrade your next event. Whether it’s a school concert, a religious ceremony or a community celebration, our platforms promise unmatched versatility and quality.

Explore our full range of portable solutions and learn more about how we redefine versatility and convenience in staging for your events. From portable stages to tiered theatre seating, Select Staging Concepts has got you covered.

Contact us today to turn your vision into captivating performances, and let the stage be the canvas for your unforgettable moments.

Technical Specs

Technical Specifications

Both for Fold & Roll and Modular Choir Riser Systems

australia made australia made
F&R | Standard Podium
Dimensions (mm)
4 tiers each 2400 x 400
F&R | Unit weight (kg)
F&R | Design load (kg/m2)
500 evenly distributed
F&R | Materials
Aluminium 18mm MAXI Hex anti- slip surface
Fold & Roll | Warranty
10 year
Fold & Roll | Standard Podium Heights (mm)
200 / 400 / 600 / 800
Modular | Standard Podium Dimensions (mm)
4 tiers each 2400 x 500
Modular | Unit weight (kg)
Modular | Design load (kg/m2)
Modular | Materials
Aluminium, 18mm Timber Deck
Modular | Warranty
2 years
Modular | Standard Podium Heights (mm)
200 / 400 / 600 / 800
Australian Made
australia made australia standard
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