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Expert tips to help you choose the right tiered Choir Riser for your next performance


Are you planning an upcoming choral performance, but are unsure how to set up your stage so that all your performers are seen? The good news is, there is a fast, simple and practical solution  – a tiered choir riser.

Available in a range of sizes and options, there is a tiered choir riser solution to fit every performance and space. At Select Concepts, we offer two popular solutions – the Melba Fold & Roll system and the Pilot Modular Tiered Choir Riser system. To help you compare, in this article we’ll discuss the key features and advantages of both systems, so you uncover which is the best fit for your performance needs.

What is the Melba Fold & Roll Choir riser system?

A fast and fuss-free way to set up a tiered riser, the Melba Fold & Roll system comprises an entire set of risers that are simply rolled into position and then folded down, creating four levels for performers to stand on. Each Melba Fold & Roll Choir Riser unit is designed to fit up to twenty-four students, however, multiple units can be joined together to suit larger groups, with elegant black handrails positioned on three sides for safety.

The Melba Fold & Roll Tiered Choir Risers are the perfect solution for stage performances where the risers need to be moved on and off stage quickly, and for situations where the set-up needs to be completed solo, as these systems can be assembled by one person if required.

What is the Pilot Modular Tiered Choir Riser System?

The Pilot Modular Tiered Choir Riser system is an adaptable solution that is the preferred choice where the choir risers will be set up for longer periods of time, and in locations where storage space is limited. These versatile system can be set up to suit small groups of five or six people, or can accommodate larger groups and choirs of up to 100 people. The ability to add additional riser decks and legs as required to accommodate additional performers is a big plus of the modular system.

Another advantage of this system is the versatility to adapt the height, shape and configuration of the stage as required. By simply adjusting the heights of the legs, you can turn your choir riser into a flat stage, a catwalk or even use it as tiered audience seating! Individual choir riser pieces can also be used on stage as various stage props – the possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination.

Best tiered choir riser for versatility

As mentioned, the Pilot Modular Tiered Choir Riser system offers unbeatable flexibility, making it the ideal choice in situations where you need a stage that must suit various performance needs. The system consists of multiple ‘decks’ or ‘podiums’ made from an aluminium frame with a sturdy plywood deck. There are a range of colour options available, although classic black is the most popular choice. Each deck has four removable legs, and the leg heights can be adjusted as required, with the typical heights generally used being 200, 400 and 600mm high. A full range of accessories such as safety handrails and leg clamps are also included when you purchase your system, allowing you to create and recreate your stage with all the necessary safety features.

Best tiered choir riser for easy set up

If you’re looking for a tiered choir riser that can be set up in minutes, and even be set up solo, the Melba Fold & Roll system wins hands down. As the name suggests, it only needs to be rolled into position and folded out into levels, and you’re ready to go. The Pilot Modular Tiered Choir Riser system on the other hand is best assembled with two people, and depending on the number of decks, it can take up to an hour to assemble, whereas a Melba Fold & Roll Choir Riser system can be set up in mere minutes.

Best tiered choir riser for storage

One of the standout features of the Pilot Modular Tiered Choir Riser system is the compact storage. Our modular choir riser system uses the same ingenious trolley kit as our Modular Staging system. This consists of four heavy duty wheels that fit into the leg brackets of one choir riser deck, and then all additional decks are stacked on top with the legs stored within the aluminium frame of each deck. The packed down decks are then strapped together and a handle is added at one end, allowing the user to move the risers safely and easily into position as required. Up to twelve choir riser decks can be stored this way, taking up the footprint of only a single deck, which is usually 2400 X 500mm.

Talk to our team to find the right fit

There is a tiered choir riser solution for every performance – contact one of our friendly sales team today to discuss which system will work best for you!


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