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Why Australian-Made Portable Stages Reign Supreme: Overseas Manufacturing Warning


“"Select Staging Concepts undoubtedly ensures top quality portable stages that are custom-made to order. "”

Portable Stages are the perfect solution for events or specific industry setups that need a quick adjustable stage platform that can later be packed and stored without any hassle.
And, no bias here; it can be said that Australian-customised portable stages are the superior options when compared to overseas mass manufacturing. By Australian standards, materials and assembly are selected with precision. Quality, durability, and functionality are the leading factors in mind. So, let’s decipher how Australian-manufactured portable stages benefit you more than those ordered from overseas.

Assured quality, customisation, and longevity of the product

Select Staging Concepts undoubtedly ensures top-quality portable stages that are custom-made to order. The aluminium’s lightweight properties, along with timber, ensure a long life span. Our stages also come with a ten-year warranty in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Due to the mass scale of production that is prevalent overseas, the ability to customise based on your requirements is also diminished or will come with a hefty price tag.

You will be supporting a locally owned Australian business.

Buying local and from an Australian company like Select Staging Concepts is a great way to support Aussie businesses and keep jobs within the country. Select Staging Concepts continually strives to bring only premium quality portable staging solutions and no job is too big or small. Buying from a purely Australian-based crafter will also help Australia’s commercial and economical industry. Not to mention, the final product looks great, is well-built, and fully customised. Thus, why buy something from across the country when all of it is present here in its finest state.
Select Staging Concepts serves every sector that needs any staging solutions including entertainment, education, corporate offices, event managers, architects, and more! Specialising in tailored solutions, you can have the stages completely customised and personalised.
Contact the team at Select Staging Concepts to get started or for more information by calling 1300 778 243 or emailing [email protected].



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