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How to get 2 stage systems in one – A Case Study


“As a flexible Australian manufacturer, we work with you to get what you need, not what some overseas company wants to sell you.”

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Recently, St Virgil’s College Tasmania needed a Tiered Seating system for their Gym, plus they needed a flat performance Stage for their events and performances. But budgeting was not possible for the two systems.
However the Select Staging Concepts team proposed a simple solution to fulfill both needs within their budget.
Just by adding an extra selection of Stage Legs, Safety Hand Rails, and Leg Clamps to the performance Stage podium order, St Virgil’s College can assemble both a Tiered Seating system and a flat performance Stage! Brilliant!

From a vague idea to reality.

If you contact the Select Staging Concepts team, you too, can be assured of a successful Staging system solution – it is what we do best!



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Portable Stage and Ramp PackagesLearn More