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How sustainable is your stage?



“Select Staging Concepts are a force for good”


At Select Staging Concepts, minimising our environmental impact and implementing a social responsibility protocol, are key considerations for every product we manufacture, and to fulfill sustainability requirements for every customer.

We are focused on sustainable design, moral, and ethical manufacturing practices for all our products, plus reducing waste wherever possible. It’s our responsibility to always play our part.

All our staging solutions are manufactured right here in our Lilydale warehouses, which reduce the effects on the environment of transport.

Maxiply Plywood Accreditations

Through their global forest certification system, the Forest Stewardship Council is the most respected and credible certification system operating today, providing manufacturers and consumers with a guarantee that the timber has been sourced from a responsibly managed plantation both environmentally and socially.

Maxiply timbers ‘Baltic Birch’ and ‘Hoop Pine’ are both FSC Certified- C139021 timbers.

It’s the Simple Things!

Reducing waste is an important step to a more sustainable future. Within our manufacturing plant, waste such as ply off-cuts and sawdust are common, but none of it goes to waste.

Off-cuts are provided for various projects, such as shelters for homeless animals, or helping those in need due to natural disasters. Sawdust waste goes to a mill to be recycled and reused.

Ongoing Sustainability Commitments

Our commitment to sustainability and accountability doesn’t just stop at the high quality ply timber we use; every production and manufacturing machine has safe and sustainable workplace practices implemented and monitored.

OSMO hard wax oil system is one of the finishes clients may choose for their podium stage platform and Access Ramps. Toxins and chemicals found in some timber coatings can be harmful to your health and the environment, but our oil system made from natural waxes and plants is a safer and more sustainable option not just for us or the planet, but for the timber as well. OSMO hard- wax oil system soaks into the timber and allows it to breathe without restricting the board which is paramount to a living and breathing product.

Also, we must mention that all our ply Podiums have low formaldehyde emissions.

Social Responsibility Initiatives

The team at Select Staging Concepts believe in giving back. With every applicable order, we have donate to a worthy charity. The Select Effect is a social enterprise initiative linked to Rapid Relief Team’s “Smarrt Cookie” breakfast bar initiative.

Smarrt Cookies are donated to Australian Schools to help alleviate childhood hunger. Whenever a client places an order, we fund more Smarrt Cookie Bars. The larger the order, the more we donate. It’s simple……and effective.

Select Staging Concepts will always strive to fulfill our passion to continue to improve our sustainable accountability, and to proactively evolve. We are committed to promoting ongoing sustainability practices in every facet of our business so the wider community benefits from our responsible decisions.


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