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How Much Does A School Stage Cost? Here’s What to Expect


If you’re looking to purchase a portable stage for your school, one of the key considerations when choosing a system is undoubtably cost. However, when comparing the cost, it’s important to understand there are some key factors that will influence how much you will pay overall, including the type and quality of the materials used in manufacturing, the accessories and type of stage you choose and even where you are located.

So, to help you understand how much you can expect to pay for a portable stage system for your school, in this article we explain the key factors that influence the cost.


There are a variety of different materials that can be used when manufacturing portable staging, and the type and quality will influence the cost. At Select Staging, we choose to use only the highest quality materials to ensure all of our stage systems stand the test of time.

Our QUATTRO system was designed in Germany more than 40 years ago and is a robust, tried and tested design, with a standard podium size of 2m X 1m, which has a load rating of 750kg/m2. The design features a rugged Australian-made aluminium extrusion frame from Capral Australia with a sturdy plywood deck, so you can be confident your portable stage system will exceed your expectations in performance and durability.


The next cost factor to consider is which stage accessories you’ll need to include in your package, as these additional items can really allow you to utilise the stage to its fullest potential. For example, some of the most common accessories we supply with our portable staging systems are access steps, pleated valance curtains, handrail packages, wheelchair access ramps and storage trolley kits.

You also have options when it comes to the foundation too. While fixed height legs are often the preferred choice, we also offer adjustable height legs in a few different lengths too, which allows you to open up the versatility of the Quattro system. We can also supply access hatches in the podium decks if you want to use the stage for musical performances and are looking for a way to keep all the cables easily managed and as tidy as possible.


Another consideration which affects the cost of your stage is your delivery address. We supply our portable staging Australia-wide and in the last few years freight costs have increased, making it a bigger cost factor. Rates do vary depending on your location, so check with our team for a freight estimate and be sure to factor that in when budgeting.


Type of stage

We also supply two distinct types of portable staging, which vary in cost. The QUATTRO  demountable system is our original design and one of its key features is that 40m2 of staging can be conveniently packed away and stored in only 2m2 of space on our storage trolley kit. The other style we manufacture is our Diva Fold & Roll system which is in essence a QUATTRO deck mounted onto a trolley which folds up into a vertical position for easy transporting. This system is very quick and easy to set-up and take-down and move to the storage area, however it doesn’t store as tightly as the standard QUATTRO design due to the size of the trolley it’s mounted on.

So exactly how much can you expect to pay for a portable stage?

As you can see there is a lot of variation which influence the final price of a portable stage system. As a guide our QUATTRO system starts at about $500/m2 plus GST, while the Diva Fold & Roll system starts at $645/m2 plus GST, and both can be optioned up with your choice of accessories to make the most of its potential. Remember, freight will also need to be considered and we always strive to get the best freight option available to suit your needs.

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