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A solution for your podium storage challenges


“Select Staging Concepts now have a simple solution!”

We hear some of our clients have to store their Staging systems in open storage areas, which create problems with dust and dirt settling on their Staging.

Or, the lack of a clean storage environment stops the purchase of a much needed multi-functional Portable Stage system!

Select Staging Concepts now have a simple solution!

Dust Covers!

Check out these images of our prototype QUATTRO/PILOT Dust Cover. A simple throw over to keep dust, dirt and animal mess off your Portable Stage purchases. The Dust Covers are water resistant too! Brilliant!

These images show the Dust Cover on a stack of 8 of our “Made In Australia” certified QUATTRO Podiums 2m x 1m. (Podiums for a 4m x 4m Stage system – ask us about our simple Stage Storage Trolleys too!)

We manufacture all Dust Covers to suit any of our Stage systems – QUATTRO, PILOT, DIVA F&R and MELBA F&R Choir Riser – and for any sizes and numbers of Podiums.

A clean simple and safe solution for every event venue – just like all our multi-functional Stage Accessories.

If you need help with your Portable Staging storage challenges, we manufacture the Dust Covers here in Melbourne to suit your exact needs for every style of Staging, and we send our Staging solutions to every Australian State.

For further information on all our Staging systems designed for Australian venues, including a storage Dust Cover quote to suit your Stage system, just contact our friendly Sales Team.

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