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3 Reasons Why Your Modular Stage System Can Last a Lifetime


It’s no secret that portable staging can be subjected to tough conditions when used commercially in the hire industry. But the question is – how long will it last? 

The truth is, with the correct care and respect we believe our portable staging systems can last a lifetime. 

So what is the secret to their longevity? All of our podiums are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, and when handled with care, carefully maintained and stored properly, they will deliver many years of service. So read on to learn what sets them apart!

Quality design and built to last

All of our portable stages are made in Australia, crafted with precision and care to adhere to rigorous national standards. Designed in Germany, our QUATTRO Portable Stage system is supplied with a 10 year warranty, and has now been in service for more than 40 years, which is a testament to its quality and durability. Today, it is used extensively across the world, including the UK, Europe and Australia, for both indoor and outdoor events. 

Over the past 15 years we’ve supplied more than 15,000 podiums in Australia alone, and of these, virtually every single unit is still in service! Even those that have been in use for decades can easily be restored to their former glory with some simple renovation works on the surface to bring them back to life. With this in mind, it’s clear our modular stage systems are built to last.

Care for your deck

When it comes to your stage, the highest wear item is undoubtedly the deck surface. Your choice of surface will influence how many years of service you’ll get from your stage before it may require some renovation works. Of the staging surface options, timber decks probably show signs of wear and tear the quickest. The lacquered deck surface can become scratched if dirty shoes walk on the surface so try putting a door mat or similar on the area where people enter the stage so they can clean their shoes if this is a possibility. 

For our carpet decks, we use a high-grade Marine carpet which is made in New Zealand and has proven to be very durable. If carpet decks are left out in direct sunlight or if they get wet, the glue can start to come unstuck from the plywood deck underneath, but with good care a carpet surface option is definitely a long-lasting option. For an outdoor stage we suggest the Hexa plywood deck as a very hard-wearing surface that can definitely give several decades of service life without renovation when properly looked after.

Avoid accidental damage

The biggest risk to the longevity of your stage is accidental damage – that is, damage which is caused not by general wear-and-tear. This is most likely to happen during transit, so we recommend treating your stage as you would any other quality piece of furniture that needs to be moved by ensuring it is adequately prepared for safe transport.  

Our main frame is an aluminium extrusion and the profile can be dented or bent if it is roughly handled or dropped. Likewise, the deck surface will be damaged if care is not taken to protect it while setting up and packing down and again, especially during transport. Hence why a high level of care is required when transporting your stage from one event to the next. It’s also essential to store your stage out of the elements and away from high humidity, heat and moisture when not in use.

With care, your stage can last a lifetime

Our portable staging systems are built to last, and when cared for and treated with respect, they can last a lifetime. Even after years of use and hosting thousands of events, simple renovation works on the deck surface can have your old stage looking like new again, ready to face whatever is thrown at it for the next couple of decades!

If you’re looking for a portable stage for your school, public building, church, performance area or any other indoor or outdoor space, talk to our team to discuss the best option for you and to find out how we can help!



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