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Disabled Wheelchair Access Ramps

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In a world that is becoming more conscious about inclusivity and discrimination, Select Staging Concepts are the go-to Australian company that manufacture fully compliant disabled access ramps.

QUATTRO Access Ramps

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Portable staging

Talk to us about getting a disabled access ramp that complies with Australian Standards AS1478.1

More and more new and existing stages require the facility to provide access for wheelchairs, the elderly and other disabled people. Select Staging Concepts design and manufacture for not only it’s own portable stages but they can also retro-fit onto an existing fixed stage.

The core strength of the Select Staging Concepts unique aluminium extrusion ensures all custom-built Access Ramps are safe, secure and efficient. Every Access Ramp is specially designed to deliver a tailored solution for each client and comply with the stringent Australian Standards AS 1428.1 requirements for Disabled Access Ramps.

Each ramp includes all the requisite safety features including handrails, landing podiums, ramp starter and joiners.

Our Access Ramps are ideal for schools, government and corporate facilities, arts and museums. They can be easily installed by 2 people and dismantled when required.

Our team is very experienced in working with the client to design access ramps for specific situations, give us a call.


Choose either a Marine Grade carpet or wood stain finish. Variety of colours available for each.

Any height stage can have a ramp attached.

australia made australian standard
australia made australian standard