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Late 2019 visitors to Scienceworks in Spotswood, Victoria,were transported via the QUATTRO Modular Stage and Access Ramp system to the wonders of Air incorporating the art of Paper Plane making and flying.

Scienceworks described the exhibition as “Get pumped for a fun-filled exploration of our most precious resource—Air. Journey through an immersive and buoyant experience, and experiment with the weird, squishy, powerful and elusive properties of air. Get blown away by giant fans, challenge yourself in the aircade, and become a master of aerodynamics as your best paper-plane designs take flight in the playground.Take a breather and float in to Air Playground this summer.”

This unique project required not only a complete redesign of the QUATTRO Modular Stage and Access Ramp Rail connection to the Leg System,but was also  expected to provide visitors with the illusion of being up in the sky. Safety was a primary concern so adventurous ones could not climb and fall. Working with Museums Victoria we designed the added strength to all infill Safety Rails with a new system of vertical supports to reach to ground level and attach to the sturdy Ramp and Stage Legs.Another important concern was that the Ramp had to be fully compliant with Australian Standards 1428.1. The sub Stage and Ramp area were infilled with the custom MAXI Blue Film Panels–extra MAXI Blue Film Plywood sheets were delivered to Museums Victoria for their clever carpenters to design and manufactures lot together Tables and Stools for budding aeronautic engineers to fold their paper planes. A custom sky blue was chosen to powder coat all metal work to match the MAXI Blue Fascia and Marina Blue Carpet finish–this Stage and Ramp were floating in the air and all Paper Planes soared to magnificent distances.