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The Nike House of Go featured a labyrinth of rooms to bounce, run, and slide in to celebrate the Nike React’s core features. The journey begins in a massive ball pit with half a million pink balls, followed by an indoor bouncing castle, light room with multicoloured helium balloons and a virtual reality run through Richmond, before finishing with a slide down a swirly, pink and blue outdoor slippery slide into a foam pit.

NIKE/Julio Himede Production Design, VIC–QUATTRO Free Standing Steps–Installed 2018

Select Concepts was contacted by the team at Julio Himede Production Design NSW, with an urgent brief to design and manufacture within 4 days two custom Free Standing Step Units for a successful product launch at Collingwood Arts Precinct in early March 2018 for NIKE.

Our successful participation with the manufacture and installation,within the four days,of two Custom White Step Units with Safety Hand Rails for the Ball Pit Room ensured a fun effective and successful promotion. Each of the two Free Standing Step Units allowed access in or out of the Ball Pit Room. The “In” Step Unit was added to on site by the designers with a slippery slide for participants to swoosh into the Ball Pit.