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New School Name. New Address. New Logo.


Don’t you love talent when it shines?


Don’t you love talent when it shines?



Last year Warrnambool Special Development School was in the throes of building a completely new school, at a new address, and trying to source compliant Staging with an Access Ramp.

This was achieved with the purchase of Select Staging Concepts’ versatile “Made In Australia” QUATTRO Modular Stage and Access Ramp. The package included a Valance Curtain to dress the base of the Stage with the added bonus of the School Logo embroidered on the Valance centre panel.

As the new school wasn’t opening until 2020, and the new school name had yet not been approved by the Department of Education, the Logo embroidered Valance had to wait. And wait they did. In August 2020 we received word the new School name and Logo were approved.

The time waiting was to good effect. A Year 11 student showcased their exquisite design of an Australian icon which swims in the river bordering the new School premises, and this beautiful design was chosen as the new Merri River School Logo.

How special is the new embroidered Logo? Clear, bright and unique. It is on its way to Merri River School and we thank them for the opportunity to finally bring this student artwork to life for the whole Merri River community to appreciate.