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What You Need to Know About Access Ramps: QUATTRO vs PILOT – What’s The Difference?


Quattro Access Ramp

Quattro Access Ramp

Demountable access ramps are of great help for portable stage set-ups. They enable easy access to the stage for wheelchairs and other disabled people, as well as movement for heavy items. These access ramps have detachable components so it can be broken down and stored away when not in use. They have precise engineering that ensure compliance to Australian Standards AS1428.1 while also maximising the stage’s usefulness.

Stage access ramps offer portability and flexibility in their application.  You can also adjust the length of the ramp to fit various stage heights.

QUATTRO Access Ramps

Accessibility for wheelchairs, the elderly, and other disabled individuals is becoming increasingly important in new and current stages. For such stages, QUATTRO access ramps are the ideal solution. The design and fabrication of QUATTRO access ramps make them compatible with their own portable stages. However, they can likewise be retrofitted onto an existing fixed stage.

Handrails, landing podiums, ramp starters, and joiners are all standard safety elements on each QUATTRO access ramp. The innovative aluminum extrusion at the crux of the QUATTRO access ramp assures that all custom-built ramps are secure, safe, and effective. Each access ramp is tailor-made to provide a specific value for each client. They do, in fact, meet the strict Australian Standards AS 1428.1 for Disabled Access Ramps.

PILOT Standard Access Ramps

PILOT is a versatile and cost-effective option for Portable Stage Systems and access ramps. These come in a variety of timber stain finishes that can complement any décor.

The functionality of PILOT is similar to that of QUATTRO staging and access ramp systems. However, it is their cost-effectiveness that makes them more attractive to some. The PILOT is a typical access ramp with uncompromised functionality that is quite cost effective. This economical option of a wheelchair ramp can add to the overall utility of a stage setup.

Select Staging Concepts is a pioneer in developing access ramps for schools, government, corporate venues, and art galleries and museums. The team has extensive experience working with clients to design access ramps for individual needs.

Installation of the ramps simply only takes two people. Furthermore, they are simple to dismantle when needed. The access ramps’ reliable and sturdy structure allows for mobility on and off the stage without the hassles of climbing stairs.

Get in touch with our experts to find out more information about which option is best suited to your unique needs! Contact our experts now on [email protected] or call us on1300 778 243.


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