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Easy steps to get funding for your new stage


imagesPILOT Choir Riser

“How to obtain government grant funding for your new stage or access ramp”

imagesPILOT Choir Riser

The economics of purchasing the right Stage or Access Ramp System is often fraught with difficulties. Inability to totally finance Staging assets, which are important to the success and safety of an activity or event, is a very real problem for Australian schools and community arts groups.

With a little forethought and planning the abundant monies offered in the Australian grant system may be utilised by many organisations.

Government Grants are readily available for all levels of community centres, educational initiatives, sport club improvements and charity centre requirements.

To assist you in the decision how to purchase the right Staging or Access Ramp system, and remove financial and safety headaches, we have sourced a selection of Government and Community Grant websites just waiting for applications – see below for the links.

Also, to help facilitate your Grant application, we can assist by providing references of past projects in similar organisations or locations, product photos, and even a SketchUp drawing of your design – also 5 Star reviews showing we are a reputable supplier – just ask.

Select Staging Concepts – We are passionate in our drive to solve your Stage System safety and financial challenges..






Portable Stage and Ramp PackagesLearn More
Portable Stage and Ramp PackagesLearn More