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Select Concepts Wentworth Point Public School HD 1080p
Portable Stage System Inspiration! Check out how this simple effective Australian Made QUATTRO Portable Stage and Access Ramp System performs at Wentworth Point State School, NSW.
MELBA Fold & Roll Choir Riser Stage System by Select Concepts AUSTRALIA
The MELBA Fold & Roll Choir Riser is an innovative addition to our range of professional Theatre, Musical, Oratory and Educational performance Portable Stage Systems, and is designed and made in Australia by Select Concepts.
TITAN – Portable Heavy Duty Stage Solution For Every Large Event by Select Concepts AUSTRALIA
The TITAN Heavy Duty Stage System is Australian designed and made specifically for both large and heavy display, event and performance requirements.
QUATTRO Portable Fold & Roll Stage Systems 300mm and 400mm high. How to assemble.
The QUATTRO Fold & Roll Staging system is the perfect answer for fast, easy Stage assembly. Easily rolled into place and erected by 1 person, it is manufactured in Melbourne by Select Concepts, and our unique design has no pinch-points like some of the other designs on the market. We can customise t...
PILOT Portable Choir Riser Stage Systems by Select Concepts AUSTRALIA
PILOT Portable Choir Riser systems are available in several sizes and configurations to suit all requirements. Manufactured in Melbourne by Select Concepts, this portable Choir Riser system is perfect for School, Dance Studios and Clubs.
QUATTRO Portable Staging systems by Select Concepts AUSTRALIA
QUATTRO Portable Staging systems are manufactured in Melbourne by Select Concepts. We are able to customise them to suit each customers individual requirements and they come with an industry leading 10-Year warranty.