Stage Scenery Panels


Portable reusable Scenery Panels are custom made to order for a multitude of performance and event requirements. 

  • stage-scenery-panelsRoom dividers
  • stage-scenery-panelsScenery panels, carpet finish
  • stage-scenery-panelsScenery panels or notice boards
  • stage-scenery-panelsScenery panels, options available
  • Scenery panels on wheels for easy mobility
  • Scenery panels or Room Dividers

Choose from lightweight plywood Scenery Panels ready to paint and/or cover, or order lightweight plywood Scenery Panels covered in carpet ideal for pin or VELCRO® Hook and Loop fastener tape.*. Panels come with optional feet brackets to free stand or choose attachments to secure the Panels to one of Select Concepts Portable Stage Systems.

  • Free standing scenery flats for you to add the creative touch.
  • Stage Panels with special attachments to secure the Panel to the Stage
  • Carpet covered Stage Panels ideal for VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop fastener tape – Carpet has a choice of colours*
  • Raw Plywood Panels – you choose the finish
  • Custom Sizes
  • Scenery Panels can be stored flat or vertical and reused - helps to reduce storage costs.

Select Concepts Scenery Panels are versatile to use.

  • Great method for attaching stage scenery
  • Notice Boards/ for anything that needs to convey information
  • They are extremely versatile for almost anything requiring a backdrop or visual   presentation
  • Due to the ease of mobility, a stage can be easily transformed between scenes or events by simply rearranging the Scenery Panels.
  • Expo/Trade Fair space dividers

VELCRO® Brand is a registered trade mark of Velcro BVBA®


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