Temporary Staging


The QUATTRO Portable Staging is our most popular Portable Staging system – manufactured in-house by Select Concepts. 

  • Add to your built in Stage with QUATTRO Stages
  • QUATTRO temporary Stages
  • Stage
  • QUATTRO Portable Stage - Temporary Events
  • QUATTRO Portable Stage
  • Communty events
  • Sports Club Stage
  • QUATTRO Tiered Corporate Stage
  • QUATTRO Corporate Events
  • QUATTRO Multi level presentation Stage
  • QUATTRO Permanent Stage with under stage Storage
  • QUATTRO School Assembly Stage
  • QUATTRO Portable Stages
  • QUATTRO Portable Stage Podiums x 4
  • QUATTRO 4 x 2mtr Stage

The QUATTRO is the most adaptable and easy to use Portable Staging System available on the market today, and comes with a 10 year Warranty.
Select Concepts offer a free design and quote service for all staging requirements. This means, no matter the space or budget details, we may offer a variety of Staging Solutions with our versatile QUATTRO Stage Systems.

The QUATTRO Portable Staging System is currently used by more than 300 schools Australia wide. It is also extensively used by hire companies; theatrical companies; churches; councils; social and sports groups/clubs; shopping centres; and event management firms – which is testament to QUATTRO’S strength, quality and adaptability. Able to be used in both fixed and portable applications, it also is perfect for tiered seating, floor risers, choral performances and more!

QUATTRO Stage Podiums

QUATTRO Stage Podiums may be customised for every requirement.

  • Size - 2000 x 1000 mm, 1000 x 1000 mm.
  • Custom Podium Sizes and Shapes
  • Weight – 35 kg, 22 kg.
  • Design load – 765 kg/m² evenly distributed.
  • Leg size – 40 x 40 mm.
  • Storage height – 80 mm.
  • Material – aluminium, timber
  • Australian Made
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Leg height – standard 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000 mm
  • Add Adjustable Height Legs 400-600mm or 600-1000mm
  • Decking 22 mm hardwood veneer MAXI Oak
  • Optional finishes – Marine Grade Carpet, Timber Stain – both in a selection of colours
  • Storage – 20 decks stacked on QUATTRO Stage Trolley i.e. 40 m² of staging stored in 2m².
  • Operation – easy to assemble. Aluminium legs are placed in the corner brackets and wing nuts tightened by hand. The leg is securely held in the corner by means of a sliding T piece.

QUATTRO Fold & Roll

The QUATTRO “Fold & Roll” is the proven solution for a growing list of customers who require a stage that is fast and easy to erect and store. In fact it only takes one person to operate the QUATTRO “Fold & Roll”. The complete unit is simply wheeled along on its easy glide castor wheels into position, the wheels are locked and the stage deck is lowered. The gas-struts make lowering and raising the deck a smooth operation. Select Concepts unique Australian design eliminates pinch points, heavy lifting and the need for more than one person to operate the QUATTRO “Fold & Roll”. Once the stage is no longer required, storage is not an issue as the stage deck units store upright slotted compactly together. The QUATTRO “Fold & Roll” comes with many options designed to personalise your stage for your unique requirements.

•Choose either a Marine Grade Carpet or wood stain finish – variety of colours in each
•Standard stage deck is 240 x 120 cm – variety of podium sizes
•Soften the stage with valance curtains – many colours available, and over-head curtain systems
•Add your school/company logo – we embroider to order
•Add Steps and Handrails
•Add an Access Ramp System

QUATTRO Choir Riser

QUATTRO Portable Staging systems can both be used in Tiered Staging and Choir Riser applications. This creates an impressive multi- level performing or seating system.

  • The modular deck system adapts easily from single level to multi-levels by simply changing the leg lengths in the corner castings.
  • Add half steps and half decks to vary levels.
  • For a curved choir riser add curve inserts.
  • Choice of deck surface finishes – Marine Grade Carpet or timber stain – many colours available
  • Add safety Hand Rails.
  • Add Access Ramp.

All QUATTRO Staging Systems are adaptable, easy to use, compact to store and may be customised exclusively to individual requirements. All QUATTRO Stages look impressive with our Stage Curtain, Valance and embroidered Logo options.

QUATTRO STAGE SYSTEMS – When only the best will do.

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