Temporary Staging


The PILOT Portable Staging System is closely based on the QUATTRO Portable Stage design. 

  • PILOT Corner Stage
  • PILOT Stage - School performances
  • PILOT Stage with Theatre Curtains
  • PILOT Portable Stage
  • PILOT School assembly Stage

PILOT provides a versatile and economical choice for a Portable Staging Solution. Select Concepts manufacture PILOT Stage Systems in-house which enables us to customise if required, making it an attractive and viable Stage Solution for all performance and event requirements.


  • SIZE: 2000 X 1000mm Standard, 1000 X 1000mm – alternatives on request.
  • WEIGHT: 33kg / 21kg
  • PODIUMS: 18mm thick Plywood
  • DESIGN LOAD: 500kg/m2 evenly distributed.
  • DECK HEIGHT: standard heights 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000mm
  • ADJUSTABLE LEGS: Choose from 400mm/ 600mm and 600mm/1000mm    
  • DECK FINISHES: Timber Stain decks – choice of stain colours
  • STORAGE: up to 20 Podiums on top of each other on transport wheels – i.e. 40m2 of Staging can be stored in 2m2 of floor area  - refer Accessory Page for more details
  • OPTIONAL: Stage Curtain and Valance System; Company/School Logo; Stairs; Hand Rails; Access Ramp

Select Concepts’ unique design and structural Stage components ensure the PILOT Stage System is a simple time efficient Stage Solution – for each cleverly crafted Stage Podium; aluminium legs are placed in the corner brackets and wing nuts tightened by hand; the leg is securely held in the corner by means of a sliding T piece; rails and stairs are slotted into the accessory groove simply and safely.

PILOT Stage Systems – the Performance and Event success story.



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