PILOT Choir Riser


Select Concepts always strive for the best solution to any staging dilemma. We understand the need for compact, versatile and economical Choir Risers is a major priority. That is why we have taken the excellent design elements of our hugely successful QUATTRO Staging Systems and modified them to create a viable versatile alternative. 

  • 3 Tier PILOT Choir Riser
  • Curved Choir Riser Inserts
  • Curved PILOT Choir Riser Inserts
  • PILOT Choir Riser Curved section assembly
  • Pilot Curved lo res
  • Pilot 3 row straight

PILOT Choir Risers are manufactured in-house at Select Concepts to our own unique design. They are closely based on our quality QUATTRO designs but offer only 18mm timber deck available in a variety of popular timber stain finishes.

The PILOT Choir Risers are easily custom designed to each customer’s unique requirements. PILOT uses the same accessories and leg system but has a slightly different Aluminium extrusion profile.

  • Each of the decks has a standard size 2400 x 500mm – alternative size decks are available on application.
  • The PILOT Choir Riser Kits are designed as a complete kit with all parts included
  • Available in either straight or curved formats, the standard Choir Riser Kits come in 3 row packages.
  • Any Kits 4 rows and over come complete with Hand Rails for added protection.
  • Heights for the Choir Riser decks are 200, 400 and 600mm – again, we offer customised heights if required.
  • Each Standard PILOT Choir Riser Podium fits approx. 5 people

Select Concepts PILOT Choir Riser systems are unique. We have developed and manufactured a specialised insert to enable straight deck combinations become a curved format. Light, yet strong these corner inserts are simple to add to any of our PILOT decks to create a varied and effective deck combination.

Select Concepts has designed a clever Storage Trolley utilising one of the PILOT deck panels to create a trolley base. Up to 20 PILOT podiums may be stored on top of each other with strong transport wheels for easy manoeuvrability ie: the entire choir system stores within the area of one podium.

Performances may be a joy no matter where you are or your budget. Select Concepts Portable PILOT Choir Riser Staging Solutions save time, space and money – Sing and you shall be heard.


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