Who would use a Portable Stage?

Schools, sports & social clubs, councils, pubs, night clubs, theatre groups, universities, fashion designers all use our Stages

How do I purchase or order a Stage?

You can purchase a Stage from us by emailing, faxing or by speaking to one of our friendly sales team, either face to face or over the phone

What Things do I need to consider when buying a stage?

Who will use and assemble the Stage, what will the stage be used for, what finish on the Stage decks are required and what is the best Stage system for me?

How long would it take to deliver a new Stage?

Most of our Stages are dispatched within a week of placement of order. Freight to different parts of Australia takes varying amounts of time, but we can advise on this on request.

I’m interstate from Select Concepts – can I still buy a stage from you?

YES – we distribute our Stages Australia wide and even overseas! Distance is no problem!

How big do I need my stage?

This will depend on the intended use of the stage and how many people would be on it at one time, as well as the available room both when assembled and stored away.

How many people are needed to assemble a Stage?

We recommend 2 people assemble the QUATTRO & PILOT Portable Stages, but the QUATTRO Fold & Roll and the MELBA Fold & Roll are a simple one person assembly

How is my Stage delivered?

Most of our Stages are delivered via reputable freight companies, and hand unload or tailgate unloads are available if required.

How would I work out how big a Stage I need?

We liaise with you to provide the best Staging solution for your requirements. We can advise you based on our years of experience.

What load ratings do the Stage systems have?

The QUATTRO Systems have a flat load rating of 770kg/metre square, the PILOT is rated at 500kg/metre Square. Engineering documents are available on request.

Can I purchase a custom shaped Stage?

Certainly! We manufacture ALL our Stages here in Australia and can customise to almost any requirement! Custom finishes are also available.

What else can a Stage be used for?

The use of our Stages is only limited by your imagination. By simply changing the height of the legs and the layout, our Stages can be used for Tiered Seating, Catwalks, Tables, Choir Risers and more!

Storage space is an issue – how does the Stage pack away?

The QUATTRO Portable & PILOT Portable Stages are very compact to store, with upto 40m2 or 20 podiums (2 X 1 metres) storing in a 2 X 1 metre footprint. These systems use the unique Storage trolley kit, consisting of 4 wheels, a handle and a strap. This means no bulky trolley to store when the Stage is set up! The MELBA & QUATTRO Fold & Rolls have an inbuilt folding trolley, making storage and relocation a very simple task.

Could I have a Grand Piano on the Stage?

Certainly! Our stages have a load rating of 500 – 750kg per m2, the average grand piano weights 300 – 400kg.

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