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Finding adequate space to perform is the quest of most gymnastic clubs. For the MYC Gymnastic Club, the space to perform is already just what they need – it’s the space to seat the loyal parents and friends of the gymnasts that posed the problem.

Quinns Beach Primary School’s original ownership of an imported portable stage system for their school hall was, in the long term, not living up to expected longevity and design benefits. Optimal safety of students and staff needed to be taken care of, so Select Concepts was contacted to provide a stage design solution that is practical, simple and safe.

The design of every stadium, hall, classroom, function room or even outdoor pavilion is seldom in perfect proportions for a safe and aesthetically attractive stage or podium system to fit with ease into THAT perfect performance spot.

Yes, the QUATTRO Portable Stage System is an amazing multifunctional system, but how many people know how to make the stage podiums work for them? Let’s look at the most popular sized QUATTRO stage deck/podium package and by adding a few different sized legs and accessories, let us show you what else your stage can do….